The CBD & nootropics
snack bar that fuels your flowstate.

Packed full of goodness for balanced energy and clearer thinking.

What is Nooro?

Nooro is a new kind of snack bar – we combine clean, natural ingredients with nootropics and CBD in a vegan, gluten free snack bar to nourish your body and fuel your flowstate


maca & l-theanine give you an extra boost

25mg CBD

well rounded dose of CBD for balanced calm

chicory root fibre

for good gut health & blood sugar levels

vegan & gluten free

all of our ingredients are ethically sourced

natural sugars

no additives, no nasty stuff. only natural

25mg CBD

Sour Cherry & Dark Chocolate Snack Bar

9 reviews
25mg CBD

Banana & Cinnamon
Snack Bar

6 reviews
25mg CBD

Lemon & Ginger
Snack Bar

5 reviews
Taster Pack

Choices, schmoices - life’s full of them so here’s a nice easy one. If you can’t pick a flavour, try a mixed pack instead - a taster of every flavour we offer so you can pick your favourite

7 reviews
Nooro - How to Find the Energy for Your Side Hustle

Side hustle culture has exploded in recent years. Inflation, house prices, and living costs are rising, yet wage growth is growing at nowhere near the same rate. This has led to many people looking to earn a little extra money by starting their own side hustle.

Gamers, Start Snacking Better!

Snacking is a big part of gaming, in fact, we’d say that if you’re not snacking then you’re not gaming properly. We all need the energy and the convenience that snacking brings to gaming.

What is CBD?

What is CBD? CBD, which is short for cannabidiol is a natural and non-psychoactive component derived from the hemp plant. More and more people are using CBD as a natural supplement to help cope with chronic pain, stress and even insomnia.

How Flow State Can Help You Reach Peak Productivity

Flow state is a powerful psychological mindset that can help you achieve peak performance and productivity. Maybe it’s time to start going with the flow!

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