Why do People Use CBD?
Why do People Use CBD?

Did you know that a recent 2020 study reported more than 70% of participants were satisfied with the addition of CBD to their daily routines? So, what’s all the hype about? With more and more people introducing CBD into their lives, we’re answering the question: Why do people use CBD?

CBD is All-Natural
CBD is 100% natural and offers a variety of benefits without synthetic or chemical ingredients. Derived from the hemp plant, the CBD component provides numerous benefits by working with our bodies’ natural cannabinoid receptors.

CBD Helps with Focus and Productivity
Staying focused can be challenging on the best of days. Many people turn to CBD to help them concentrate and improve productivity. CBD can improve alertness and encourage a more positive mindset. At the same time, CBD helps minds relax by mitigating external stressors such as shaking legs and muscle twitches. CBD has even been found to lessen the jittery side effects of caffeine, so a Nooro CBD snack bar pairs perfectly with your afternoon cup (or cups) of coffee!

CBD Offers Relief for Chronic Pain
CBD has naturally beneficial anti-inflammatory properties, because of this, CBD is sought after for those wanting to effectively manage pain in a natural way. CBD is a natural alternative for chronic pain management and can safely be used alongside traditional medication in most instances.

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