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We created a snack bar that does more than just satisfy a 3pm craving - we wanted it to address the challenges of a generation of people who want more of everything. So we knew this snack bar had to do more than just be tasty, healthy and 100% natural.

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About Us

Nooro was founded in 2019 when founder JD realised 3 things (in no particular order): First, that procrastination and distraction causes one to eat the contents of one’s own fridge, second that hunger is not conducive to eureka moments, and third that a calm mind makes for killer ideas. 

And so, Nooro was born -  a better-thinking snack bar for those who dream big and sometimes forget it’s lunchtime.

Combining 100% natural ingredients with 25mg of calm-finding CBD and a blend of focus-boosting key nootropics - Maca and L-Theanine, Nooro was created with the purpose of helping you to think better, snack smarter and procrastinate never.