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of our success!

As you know, we're raising funds to grow our business. Come and join us, be an early investor.

Please let us know about how much you might invest in Nooro, use the link below.

As well as shares in the company, you'll get to join our Taste Test Team (so that you can help us decide our new flavours) and you'll get 50% off a year's subsciption of Nooro bars (so you'll always be Snacking Smarter and Thinking Better).


Nooro was founded in 2019 by J.D. Furlong when he realised that blending CBD and certain nootropics was a game changer. It took much testing, tasting and trialling to find the sweet spot that are Nooro bars.

As our understanding deepens, we’re only beginning to see what the unheralded potential of CBD, adaptogens and nootropics can do to improve our mood, mind and body - Nooro wants to see them in the mainstream.

Our mission is to help ambitious and curious minds perform at full potential, that’s why we created the world’s best tasting CBD snack bars.

The CBD snacking market is about to explode - Nooro is the market leader. We have a great product, a brilliant brand and an experienced team.

Come and join the Nooro team and be a part of our success.

Nooro is an SEIS qualifying investment.