25mg CBD
Taster Pack
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Choices, schmoices - life’s full of them so here’s a nice easy one. If you can’t pick a flavour, try a taster pack instead. Each pack comes with equal amounts of each flavour – Lemon & Ginger, Banana & Cinnamon and our personal favourite, Sour Cherry & Dark Chocolate.
25mg CBD

Sour Cherry & Dark Chocolate Snack Bar

143 reviews
25mg CBD

Banana & Cinnamon
Snack Bar

94 reviews
25mg CBD

Lemon & Ginger
Snack Bar

87 reviews
How to Find the Energy for Your Side Hustle

Side hustle culture has exploded in recent years. Inflation, house prices, and living costs are rising, yet wage growth is growing at nowhere near the same rate, leading to many people looking to earn a little extra money by starting their own side hustle. But how can CBD help bridge the gap between burnout and success?

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