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Nooro is a new kind of snack bar – we combine clean, natural ingredients with nootropics and CBD in a vegan, gluten free snack bar to nourish your body and fuel your flowstate


maca & l-theanine give you an extra boost

25mg CBD

well rounded dose of CBD for balanced calm

chicory root fibre

for good gut health & blood sugar levels

vegan & gluten free

all of our ingredients are ethically sourced

natural sugars

no additives, no nasty stuff. only natural

25mg CBD

Sour Cherry & Dark Chocolate Snack Bar

9 reviews
25mg CBD

Banana & Cinnamon
Snack Bar

6 reviews
25mg CBD

Lemon & Ginger
Snack Bar

5 reviews
Taster Pack

Choices, schmoices - life’s full of them so here’s a nice easy one. If you can’t pick a flavour, try a mixed pack instead - a taster of every flavour we offer so you can pick your favourite

7 reviews
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